Marc T. Henry de Frahan
Postdoctoral Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Ph.D., University of Michigan

I am a computational scientist at the National Renewable Energy
Laboratory working on next-generation wind farms and
combustion technologies.

I received a Ph.D. in the Mechanical Engineering department
at the University of Michigan. My work focused on
applying computational resources to solving problems
in high-energy density physics, plasma physics, combustion,
biomedical engineering, climate modeling, and aeronautics.

Together with Brandon Patterson and Erika Lazar,
I published a children's book about my Ph.D. research.
Get the book and check out our website!

My research interests lie at the intersection of three fields:

>  High-performance computing
>  Multi-GPU implementations through MPI

>  High order numerical methods
>  Discontinuous Galerkin method

>  Fluid dynamics
>  shocks, interfacial instabilities, turbulence, multi-material mixing,
>  multiphase flows (cavitation, bubble and droplet dynamics),
>  supernovae explosions, fusion energy

I am always looking for new collaborations and ideas.
Please feel welcome to contact me!

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